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 Lizzie Tallon-Banks, Hypnobirthing Teacher 

About Me

I'm Lizzie and originally from Surrey in the UK, I moved when 4 months pregnant with my first child to Madrid in September 2015.

I first heard of Hypnobirthing  seven years ago when a close friend decided to use it for the homebirth of her first baby. Everything about it fascinated me- from the lack of fear, to the calm way in which her son was born whilst she was in their living room. From that moment on I decided that when I had children I would be using Hypnobirthing.

Fast forward to the birth of my son in Madrid: having read a lot around the topic beforehand and watched many if not all videos on youtube, I found a midwife to take us through the course and a birth centre that appreciated natural birth. Putting in the time to practice and surrounding myself with caregivers who appreciated what we wanted out of our birthing experience meant I now remember the day my son was born as one of the best days ever- drug and intervention free.

In October 2017  when 6 months pregnant I decided to train and qualify as a Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing teacher in London. Natural birth is a topic I feel passionately about, and believe every woman has the innate strength within her to bring her child into the world in a calm comfortable environment without fear.

I gave birth to our second hypnobirthing baby at home in January 2018 which was another amazing and unforgettable experience, drug and intervention free.

Currently I am in training to be a certified Doula so that I can accompany women throughout their pregnancy, birth and labour.


What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnotherapy is the use of words in a positive and focused way to help people let go of some of the negative ideas they have acquired in life. 


"Hypnobirthing enables a woman to work with her body , which is naturally designed to give birth.  It releases the fear and negativity that she has been programmed with from an early age, and replaces it with calm confidence. A mother who used hypnobirthing will often say that giving birth was the most empowering experience of her life".


KG Hypnobirthing is a complete in-depth antenatal training programme designed to release fear and build confidence during birth.


First chapter of the Hypnobirthing book 

My place

I offer one to one sessions at my home in central Madrid. These are typically x4 sessions of approximately 3 hrs each. Biscuits and beverages provided.

Your place

Same format as my place but at your place.  Biscuits and beverages at your discretion.

Online Course

Courses are best face to face but if you're in a land far far away or just short of time you can now take advantage of the KG Hypnobirthing online course



“From the day we commenced our hypnobirthing course my attitude towards the birth of my child changed dramatically. An event that I was secretly dreading turned into something that I was really looking forward to. My partner was extremely supportive and towards the end of our pregnancy we were practicing at least one of the relaxation exercises each day.”

Victoria, Kitty and Chris


Teaching during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 outbreak I am pleased to offer the complete course using interactive online sessions. So far these have been a great success and a chance for you to connect with other Mothers at this time. Know anyone else who would like to join? We have taught ladies from all over the World, you do not have to be located in Madrid.

The course will takes place twice a week and is a total of 6hrs in length. 

One to One

I offer private one to one sessions at my home in central Madrid. 

 A KGHypnobirthing Course not only equips you with the hypnobirthing information, but uniquely gives you the knowledge to understand your options and the implications of the choices you make. 

 As well as teaching you the techniques you need for a successful hypnobirth, it gives you the information to navigate the system in which you find yourself to achieve the best outcome for you and your baby.

Online KGH Course

Face-to-face sessions with a KGHypnobirthing teacher is the best option, however it is not always convenient to attend for a variety of reasons. Now you have the option of taking a KGHypnobirthing course online.

  • Full in-depth antenatal programme available online

  • Enjoy learning at home where you feel comfortable

  • Learn at your own pace at any stage of your pregnancy

  • Have the resources at your fingertips to refer to time and again

  • Easy to follow instructions for simple but highly effective practice

  • All the supporting documents you need

  • Facebook support group

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Taster or Refresher

  • Book a one hour taster session with me where we will cover the basics.. but leave you pleased and positive that hypnobirthing is the right choice for you and your partner.

  • Have you already practiced hypnobirthing once before but would like a refresher? We can meet to reaffirm what you have learnt previously and cement those techniques and positive outlook around birth.

Gift Certificates

Would you like to give someone you know and love the gift of a Hypnobirth? Let us know the amount or course you would like to give.

Hypnobirthing Videos

A Father's view
                   Powerful or Painful 
Daisy's Hypnobirth 

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